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Hey guys!
Any tips on working with poppies? I'm using them next weekend!

Just arrangement

Hello everyone!
I'm not a good writer, but floral-designer....

More here www.crowhite.com
Hey Guys!

I have a business page on Facebook now! Please become a fan of Flowers by Kate!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


 I have two weddings coming up, one if them is primarily chinese lantern flowers. I've never really worked with these and I was just wonderinf if anyone had ANY info on them. When I say any I mean anything and everything you know!

Thanks so much,

Flower Blog

Check out my shop's Blog!  Please let me know what you think!


I've started a blog for my shop in case anyone is interested.  I'm not abandoning this on...the new blog is totally for customers.  But, I just wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to spy.  Check it out here.

Camera Phone Time!

Just a few random pictures from the good ol' camera phone.

This casket piece was a version of this arrangement.  I don't know why they wanted it as a casket piece so badly, but I did what I could.

A side piece for the same funeral. I rather liked it.

This rose was 2ish weeks old when I took this picture.  And people say flowers don't last....


It's been a long time and everyone is quiet, so I'll post again.

How is everyone holding up in this economy?  We're slow and sales are down some, but we're holding our own.  We have noticed that brides seem to be taking WAY longer to set up their bridal appointments and the weddings are a little smaller.  Usually we are almost totally booked by January.  We're still accepting weddings for '09, which is a little weird.  But, we're glad they're still booking at all.

I have a bunch of pictures to share too, but I'll have to do that another day.

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  Ours was as good as could be expected.  We were down for last year, but we ordered PERFECTLY, so I'm happy.  All of our customers seemed very happy, which is also a wonderful thing.

I'd really like to start some sort of consumer campaign to protect people from order gatherers.  I don't think people realize that when the contact places like teleflora.com, ftd.com, fromyouflowers.com, or 1800flowers.com that they're totally getting screwed.  So much money is lost to fees alone, that by the time we florists get the order nothing is left!  If they would just call direct they'd be better off.  So, any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Speaking of advertising . . .

I'm a big animal lover.
You grow up in my family, you have to love animals.
Thus, I was watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show tonight.
Afterward, there's spotlights and blurbs on other things dog show-related.
One such spoke of how there are many vendors at dog shows around the country.

Now, as a florist, if you set up a vendor booth at a dog show, how would you get people to buy things from you? What kind of products or other items might you show/advertise that would tie in with your business?

Also: remembering this post where a few people ranted in comments about online flower companies, has anyone ever used ProFlowers.com, and how did you like/not like it?