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More to post

I guess I have a lot to post today...

Has anyone else seen this crap?  FTD is selling flowers AT ALDI!  Crappy, discount grocery store ALDI!  They are such bastards.  It's really quite sad.  Being at FTD shop used to mean something.  Now, they are just plain evil.  

On an unrelated note, I started a facebook page for my shop incase anyone is interested in checkign it out.

And, since I'm posting, why not throw in some pictures!  These are from last fall.  Check them out under the cut.Collapse )

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming!  How is everyone feeling about it?  I for one am SUPER nervous.  We're really hoping for it to be good, but with a bad economy and it being on a Saturday our expectations are rather low.  We're running a delivery special for Friday Feb 13th to encourage a little more sales.  We're getting a few takers, but we'll hopefully see more next week.  We also ran a really pretty ad in the local paper yesterday.

Is anyone out there doing anything special for the holiday?

It's been awhile

Hi guys! It's been awhile and no one has posted...so I'm going to make you all look at pictures!!

I took these all on my phone..so quality sorta sucks

I love tulips...and I'm so happy to have them back in the shop

I stole this idea from my friend, Jenn. It's actually the Christmas gift box container from Teleflora with the ribbon taken off!

Also, what wire service does everyone use?  How do you feel about wire services?  Currently my shop only uses Teleflora...but freaking 1-800-Flowers sends us stuff over the Dove all the time. I am not really a fan of them.


How is everyone's Christmas season going?  The first part of December was really slow for us compared to previous years, but it seems to be picking up this week.  FINALLY!  What are you selling lots of?  How about Teleflora or FTD stuff?

Tee hee

Did anyone see the Simpsons last night?

This made me laugh out loud.

'Flowers, the painted whores of the plant world.' -Homer J. Simpson

Tee hee.

Crap around my shop

Went crazy with the pictures the other day.  As always, I didn't have a really camera...so sorry about the quality. 

Fall casket spray jammed in our back cooler

I had three of these down the center of my Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece

And this sat on our coffee table

A kinda cool cube vase...I couldn't fit the entire thing in frame...there was also some bittersweet on the left side...

The only one of these stupid thing that I had to make!  Yay!


Hello all.
My name is Alix and I am very interested in flowers and botany. I was thinking about getting into floral design. Im American but living in London and possibly moving back to the states in a few years time. Any advice on what should do to get into it? What classes? What its like to own your own shop? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


A Dozen Ways to Send a Dozen Roses

Check this link out.  It's really cool

Is everyone ready for the holiday season?  I am!  (Sorta)  The shop is all decorated and we just had our holiday open house Friday night.  Sales seemed decent, but  I haven't heard the final report yet from my boss.  

I'm not really expecting a stellar holiday season...I don't think anyone is.  But I could always be surprised! 

Is anyone having lots of orders for Thanksgiving?  Our numbers are WAY, WAY down.  I'm hoping we'll get some last minute stuff.  

How about weddings for next year?  We're seeing a drop in calls for this time of year.  My friend that works at a high end dress store told me that their numbers for next summer are not good.  I'm hopeful brides are just putting things off until later, but only time will tell. 

Phillies Phever!

I've seen really cool sports-related pieces here before, so I though I'd share one of the ones I did the other day for a HUGE FAN (tm) customer. Our shop is ten minutes from Philadelphia on the NJ side, and it's been mayhem here! :)

Read more...Collapse )

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Hallowe'en!!

Floral Blog

Not that I want you to leave our little community (cause that would make me sad) but I found a bigger florist blog that you might want to check out.


Explore, read and bring back things to discuss here!